Clean Chair  

Product Concept

Even though there are many benches and chairs in a park, stadium, bus stop, passenger train, subway station building, school playground and etc, those are contaminated with snow, rain, yellow dust and exhaust and various dust to make people feel uneasy.
Now, our Clean Chair settles down these problems.

Clean Chair has a clean cover that isolates various pollutants in advance to provide pleasant resting space to people all the year. Especially, the clean cover system closes automatically when a person get up from a Clean Chair, so this is very convenient for facility management.

Clean Chair is…

When it is not in use, it is covered with a clean cover to protect from external pollutants so that this seat is more pleasant and cleaner than existing chairs.

Ergonomically-designed seat and backrest make people comfortable even though they are seated for a long time.

Clean Chair is made of anti-corrosive PP (polypropylene) and HDPE (high density polyethylene) to have high durability, and is not easily discolored by strong UV due to anti-UV addictive.

Clean Chair’s elegant, high-class and future-oriented style and design make people feel space’s beauty, at wherever it is installed.